Where To Put Your Yankee Candle To Make Your House Smell Nice

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Hi! We all want to get the most out of our candles, it doesn’t matter if you’ve paid 5 pounds of 35 pounds… it’s nice to be able to smell and really enjoy your candle once you have bought it. However, sometimes we can place a candle in a certain location and you won’t smell the effects of its fragrance …


The Most Amazing Candle Stocking Fillers You Can Buy

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Hi! You may have seen my article on gifts at Christmas for candle lovers which i loved making. I found all of the best deals and prices and i was truly satisfied… Until… My mum suggested we just do just ‘stockings’ this year. I wasn’t mad, I was excited! I love buying little presents and i absolutely adore opening up my …

Christmas gifts 2016

Amazing Christmas Gifts For Candle Lovers

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Hi everyone! or is ho ho ho more fitting? I LOVE Christmas, i am that person who relishes in the food, the music, the weather and the crowds. I get excited months too early, i plan ahead what i am going to eat and still get butterflies on Christmas eve. Through my teens i wasn’t like this, i thought it …

candle gift sets

The Greatest Selection of Yankee Candle Gift Sets

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Hi everyone! I love gift sets made from anything. I don’t care if it’s soap, tea , perfume or even socks, i just love gift sets. I know i am definitely not alone because who doesn’t love getting 5 things instead of just one? Candle gift sets are also great if you don’t know what the person you are buying …

Cheapest Candle Deals

The Best Yankee Candle Deals On The Internet

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We all know I am a complete sucker for candles and my obsession is far beyond ‘normal’. However, even I struggle with the price tag at times and need a deal to help me out. Finding a ‘bargain’ is something i strive for everywhere in life and so finding deals on candles or even just cheap candles, can make all …

yankee candles

The Best Yankee Candles Money Can Buy

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Hello everyone! My name is Lauren and i am the BIGGEST Yankee candle enthusiast. I live, breathe and where possible, eat candles (totally joking and have definitely never thought about nibbling off the corner of ‘Christmas cookie’…). Because I love candles so much (especially yankee candles), i have put together this amazing, or so i like to think so, list …